How do I work out the minimums if I have a Men’s and Women’s split in the group?

  • We need an 11+ order per style to match opposing gender minimums (20/30/50/100). 
  • For example if you have 20 Men’s Pro Jerseys we need a minimum of 11 Women’s Pro Jerseys to match the price. If you have 50 Men’s Team Bib 3.0 we need 11 Women’s Team Bib 3.0 to match the price.
  • The combined total for Men and Women items do not count towards the overall minimums

Where is MAAP Custom Apparel made? Is it the same quality as what I purchase online?

  • MAAP Custom Apparel uses the same factories in Italy as our Main Line range. Using the same fits, fabrics and styles, MAAP custom will mimic exactly your existing MAAP kit.

Do you use MAAP designers for Custom kit?

  • All MAAP Custom designs originate from our in-house design department. Custom kit designs are treated in the same unique way that all our MAAP products are. 

What are the delivery times and are they accurate?

  • We strive to meet a delivery time of 10 weeks from artwork sign off, and deposit paid to product arriving at the door. Sometimes there are factors beyond our control at a manufacturing or logistics level that delay the order. Will will inform our customers throughout the process with updated ETA’s. 

Is there ordering and payment for individuals Clubs and Teams?

  • We can offer 2 options for ordering & payment. A bulk order invoiced to one entity and shipped to one location. Or a dedicated online store allowing individual payment. Shipping for this option is to one location.
  • We cannot ship to individuals.

Do you have Fit Kits?

  • We can offer fit kit options. Once the design fee is paid we can discuss the needs for fit kits per customer.

How does the Custom kit fit?

  • MAAP Custom sizing is available in Men’s XXS- 4XL & Women’s XXS - 3XL. Size guides can be found here, and on our website. If you have MAAP kit already then the same sizing can be carried over to Custom kit.

Can I sample a product?

  • If you wish to sample a product we can offer key decision makers a 40% off code to purchase kit in the style they would like, before committing to an order. 

Where do you place MAAP Branding?

  • MAAP has guidelines for logo placement on all Custom kits. On co- lab kits we reserve the right to place these logos to fit the design aesthetic. With 3rd Party designs we reserve the right to not place any logos externally. All MAAP Custom will have as a minimum, internal logos, MAAP swing tags & MAAP packaging.

Is there a charge for reorders?

  • Re orders do not incur a fee if there are no changes to the design. Any cosmetic changes to existing designs will incur a $250 design fee. Including logo removal / adding. New designs are charged the full fee again.

Are there any other Custom products not listed?

  • On request we can supply a complete list of MAAP Custom Skin-suits and some key MAAP Accessories. These are generally reserved for MAAP co branded Custom clients only.

What are the delivery costs?

  • We do not pass on any delivery costs to our Custom clients anywhere in the World.

What are your terms of payment?

  • Our usual terms require the design fee to be paid first to engage MAAP.
  • Then 50% of the Custom kit invoice is payable before production.
  • Once this is paid the 10 week production period starts.
  • 10 days prior to the kits arrival we ask for the balance of the invoice to be paid. At this point the design fee is credited back. 
  • Kit will not be shipped to the final destination without full payment having been completed.

Do you offer returns?

  • As custom kit is made to order MAAP cannot accept returns. If there is a proven manufacturing fault that is reported within 7 days of receipt of the order we will replace or repair this item. After 7 days have passed, we assume that the order is correct and you will no longer be eligible for a replacement or free repair.